Who's Cumming?

AGPU 2015 Registration list as at June 22nd, 2015

1Blow Hole E.
2Brokeback Mountme
3Dr. Diddle
4Mammary Lapse
5Massage A Twat
6Nasty Habit
7Lap Quest
9Ass Whipe
10Bag Lady IV
11Beef Strokin' Off
12Big Rubber
14Butt Sniffer
15Chapped Lips
16Cop Sucker
17Dame Edna
18Edifice Complex
19Finger Food
20Idiot Savant
21Loner Boner
22Lucky Stiff
23My Cock Has Gotcha
24Pump It Up
25Quick Draw McBra
26Strip Freeze
27Very Saggy Testicles
28Wee Dribble
29Whoa Nellies
30Won't Swallow
31Bum Deal
32Cock a Trois
33Concealed Weapon
34Cummin' Bird
35Cums Hard and Fast
36Dick Tracy
37Fallen Angel
38Flipper the Bird
39Horse's Arse
40Left Hangin'
41Long On In
42Mister Pussy
43My Skorotum
44No Reservations
45Problem Child
46Just Sarah
47Shove it in
48Silent But Deadly
49Tie Me Up
51Butt Floss
52Just Colin
53Crocodile Done Me
54Free Woody
55Gobble Me
56Goin Down Easy
57Happy Beaver
58Hidden Assets
59High Roller
60His Excellency the Archbishop Father Tool in Hand
61Immaculate Conception
62Mad Cow
63Mr. Lube
64Pleasure Chest
65Curb Crawler
67Rumple Dick Skin
68Screw Top
69Just Sharon
70Sticky Fingers
72Wrist Action
73Northern Exposure
74Moby's Dick

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