2013/2014 Mismanagement

Grand Master

Splash N Dash

Religious Advisors

Big Rubber
Wee Dribble

Hash Stash

Gobble Me

I Don't Know

Hash Cash

No Reservations

Idiot Savant

Piss'n Boots

Scratch and Sniff

Hare Raiser

Dr. Diddle

Hash Swills

Beer Swill: Butt Sniffer and Ass Wipe

Cider Swill: Whack Off

Soft Swill: Mud Vessel, Sir Nookey, Bag Lady and Pump-it-up


Chapped Lips, Ginger Snatch and Rub'er Tits

Hash Horn

Very Saggy Testicles

Big Rubber

R-Word Coordinator

Free Woody


Bewildered Beast

Sec Goddess

Double Hand Job

Hash Trash, Minister of Propaganda

Lucky Stiff


Finger Food

Sergeant of Body Parts

Lap Quest

Log Rider

Ms Demeanor

Hash Hack

Wee Dribble

Deep Throat

Fallen Angel

Web Wanker


Awards Coordinator

Quick Draw McBra
Northern Exposure

Hash Flour

Very Saggy Testicles and Nookey


Free Woody
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EdmONtON, Alberta, Canada

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