Drinking Game

Find Willy the wanker worm drinking game!

Rules of play
You and/or any of your wanker friends must each have an icy cold beer in your hands to play this game. So off to fridge you go, I will wait here until you get back.

Great, now that you're back.....

Willy the wanker worm is somewhere hidden on each page of this web site. Your mission is to find him.....

Single Player Version
Surf through this web site to find Willy the wanker worm. When you find Willy.....well....take a drink. You Win!

Multiple Player Version
Gather around the computer with your totally bored wanker friends and surf this web site. The first wanker to see the worm then can decide who drinks. If they select you or they select everyone.....you win! If they select themselves or someone else.....sorry, you lose.

Good Luck and happy surfing!

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