Where is ?

Just turn West when you get to Canada!!!

Beautiful Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Home of the Edmonton Hash House Harriers is located directly under the mug of Molson beer on the above map.

Edmonton , the capital city of Alberta, is well known for its scenic river valley and numerous art and music festivals (not to mention some great hashing terrain!). It is also home to the world's largest shopping and entertainment centre, West Edmonton Mall.

The province of Alberta's grandeur and beauty are obvious from the moment you arrive. Above all are Alberta's Rocky Mountains, including the world famous resorts of Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise.

Calgary, home of The Calgary Hash House Harriers is known for its warm hospitality and the world famous Calgary Stampede (But the Stampede pales in comparison to the CH3's infamous annual "Stampede Hash"). (BTW - Edmonton hates Calgary and vice-versa. The above kind words were only lip service for Hashers visiting from abroad.)

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EdmONtON, Alberta, Canada

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